Apple iWork a gamechanger or just a plain second copy of Google Docs

Alongside the macOS Sierra release, Apple has pushed out updates for Pages, Numbers and Keynote, bringing in real-time collaboration and more.
We’ve no idea why it took Apple so long to wake up to the fact that collaboration on work documents is required, but at least they woke up eventually.
Pages, Numbers and Keynote get bumped up to version 6.0, 4.0 and 7.0 respectively. All of them get support for real-time collaboration via iCloud and anyone with an iDevice can collaborate.
The feature is still in beta, so don’t expect it to be a 100 percent reliable. As with Office365 and Google Docs, you can share a document publicly or privately, see what participants are editing view a presentation in real-time.
A much-anticipated feature that’s finally made it into this updated iWork suite is support for tabs. You can use tabs to work on multiple documents, spreadsheets or keynotes within the respective application window. This will cut down on the on-screen clutter when you work.
All apps now support wider colour gamuts as well, making them more suitable for viewing on newer iMacs, the iPhone 7 and professional grade monitors.
Pages, Numbers and Keynote make up the iWork suite of apps that will come bundled with any new Mac or iDevice. You can also purchase them for Rs 620 each on the App Store.

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